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About Us

The Cottages on 534

The cottages were built in 1955 and originally consisted of a single cottage and a larger building that housed 5 efficiency style motel rooms.  The larger building was modified in the 1970’s into two larger apartments separated by a utility room.  The units remained largely unchanged or updated until being purchased by a new owner in 2014.  Since then they have been completely renovated to like new condition.  Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, bathrooms and all fixtures - literally everything - was replaced and upgraded to new condition. Click the individual links on the "Cottages and Rates" page to view photos or take a virtual tour. We’re extremely pleased with the results and hope you will be too!  

Geneva-on-the-Lake has been a summer fun destination since the early 1900's. For decades families have come to enjoy the beach, boating, the strip, shops, mini-golf, arcades, and more. While Geneva-on-the-Lake still retains all of it's family charm, it has developed into an immensely popular destination for quality wine lovers.  In 2004 the Lodge and Conference Center opened on the lakefront. New wineries opened every year. There are now more than 20 Northeast Ohio wineries just minutes from our cottages. As Geneva development continues we plan to do the same. Plans are to add two new cottages on our property in 2019, and we are in discussion with the Village on opening a wine bar/microbrew pub on the property in 2020. Stay tuned! 

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